March 15 – 17 2019, London, United Kingdom, Experience Monopoly in Real Life



If you are bringing young people to the event and wish to be involved but not take part as a participant you can always volunteer as staff instead. We split our staff into two main areas. Firstly, on-site staff, working in various roles from tech support to front-of-house. Alternatively, you can work on the safety team, forming pairs and supporting participants out in London on the Saturday.

**Please note: Anyone over 18 in a team competing will count as a participant, whether or not they are only ‘shadowing’ or not.

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A lot of these roles are already filled by the ever-growing regular AMR staff team, however we encourage new members to join us and if you have a skill that you think would benefit the event please contact us (coordinator.amr@gmail.com).

We have the following departments looking after the event with a coordinator and deputy plus a hard-working team!

Tech Support, Media & PR, Bookings, Front of House, Safety Team, Entertainment, Catering, Scoring, General Duties.

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The vast majority of our staff members are incorporated into the safety team, usually in pairs (so if you want to work with a particular person let us know at coordinator.amr@gmail.com).

You will be sent out at the same time as the participants in the morning of the Saturday and are there to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time whilst out in the capital. Throughout the day you will be managed to best fit the locations of the participants so you should see a fair amount of the sights the capital has to offer. Apart from dealing with the occasional lost team your time is your own; go for a coffee, sightsee, or even shop! However, you must remain contactable and available to drop what you are doing at a moment’s notice.

As safety team, we may ask you to support us onsite on the Friday and Saturday evenings. This would be some little jobs that we might need doing, but nothing too taxing.

Safety team staff must attend a training session at approximately 22:30 or 23:30 hours on the Friday night in the Safety Team HQ on site.

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Staff Price: £10 per person.

Indoor Accommodation: Sold out!

There is a small fee for staff in either role but we hope this will be suitably priced for you to attend the weekend. The fee includes; camping fees, food (see the set menu in the catering area) and a FREE badge!

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Click here to book your place as a member of staff. Note: any leader ‘shadowing’ an under 18’s team must book as a participant. Click here to do so. Remember that your booking isn’t confirmed until we’ve recieved your payment.

Bookings close on the 20th January!

Adults booking on as safety team should book on as staff with their prefered role set as safety team.


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